LEVEL 3: Advanced E-commerce

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Step 2. Account Options- Level 3 Advanced E-Commerce Hosting
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- $599.40/ Year (Only $49.95/Month)
- $167.85/ Quarter (Only $55.95/Month)
- $59.95
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Step 3. Domain Name Options
New Domain Name Registration
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New domain name registration pricing:
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3. www.     Term
.com, .org, .info, .us:
  8 - 10 years $11.95 a year
  4 - 7 years $12.95 a year
  1 - 3 years $13.95 a year

.net, .biz:
  8 - 10 years $12.95 a year
  4 - 7 years $14.95 a year
  1 - 3 years $15.95 a year

Click Here to Check Availability of Domain Names
Existing Domain Name Transfer
(Enter Up To 3 Domain Names You Would Like Transferred)
  Domain Name username or
account number
password Lanset offers up to 3 free domain name transfers.
Please provide the corresponding username/account number and password for us to process the transfer. Or transfer them yourself by using the following name servers,
ns1.lanset.com and
1. www.
2. www.
3. www.
Primary Domain
If there is more than one domain, please tell us which of the above you want to be the primary domain, this will be the domain that will have the email accounts.

Step 4. Account Information
Username * Username can be from 5-14 Characters and must consist of Letters & Numbers only.

You will be automatically issued a primary email address. Your primary email address will be your username followed by @YourDomain.com.
(ex. "username@YourDomain.com")

Password must be from 5-14 characters -
Use ONLY numbers & letters & make sure to write it down.
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